During the season of Advent, people from our congregation at Martins Creek Mennonite Church have collaborated to create an Advent devotional.  Each entry has been written by one of our own, both young and old.  We hope these meditations are a blessing to you during this Advent season.

Matthew 7:21, 24-27                                                    

            For a number of years we lived in a house in uptown Benton that served its purpose well. It was a loving home, modest, smaller and cozy, yet with three boys, it soon became apparent that it would be too small for our needs. Both my wife and I always had a dream of building a new home, and when the opportunity arose, we built in downtown Benton. The new home, complete with brick, a two car garage, a huge basement where the kids could roam free with their friends, sparkling hardwood floors… well, we had built the home we knew we always wanted. Several years passed, we grew into our new home and it was everything we dreamed it would be.

One day, our youngest son Kyle, probably five years old at the time, asked if we liked our new home or our old home better. We both replied immediately, “Our new home.” His response caught us off guard, his simple statement, “I like our old one better.” Wow, we had spent countless hours, planning, and so much time creating what we knew was our dream home. But we soon realized that what our son was basing his premise on was not the structure itself, but the many memories of a loving family which had been lived out and stored up in the old house. Memories of cozying up for a book, screaming for joy while being chased around the house and diving on to his bed to escape, of opening Christmas presents in the living room, of laughter, and so many others had built that first home into a mansion that could not be surpassed.

God has given us everything we need to build a perfect home, and it has nothing to do with decks, cupboards, rooms and furniture. Instead we need to paint our walls with peace, fill our living room with joy, furnish our kitchen with grace and decorate our rooms with love, all which come from the Heavenly Father. It is our blessed memories and relationships, that can only grow greater every day because of God’s grace, which make a house a home.

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