During the season of Advent, people from our congregation at Martins Creek Mennonite Church have collaborated to create an Advent devotional.  Each entry has been written by one of our own, both young and old.  We hope these meditations are a blessing to you during this Advent season.

Luke 1:46-54        

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear.” This quote comes from one of my favorite Christmas movies, “Elf.”  While not the most spiritual of movies, this line from the movie is quite appropriate for this time of year and what we, as followers of Jesus Christ, should be doing.  We have a wonderful joy that needs to be shared, much like a young girl named Mary who penned an amazing song of worship thousands of years ago.

The darkness that greeted us at the beginning of Advent is now being chipped away.  Light is peeking through and hope is restoring its rightful place in the world.  Order out of chaos is taking form, but not from the usual sources.  This hope is not found in governments, corporations, folks with great wealth and power or even from cable news and radio talk shows.  This hope is coming from a teen mom, from a girl who pregnant and not even married.  This scandalous situation is giving birth to the redeemer of the world.  Mary, this young teenage girl is the messenger of amazing news. “He has brought down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of humble estate” reflects a new order that the LORD is bringing.

It is the humble, the weak, the poor, the ignored and those who have nowhere else to turn but to the LORD that will bring about this change.  They will be the ones who destroy the darkness, the ones to bring about the light.  This lowly, forgotten teenage mom is going to give birth to the Light that ends all darkness.  Mary’s soul is filled with joy and cannot help but sing!  This Advent season, let’s join the chorus of the Mary and sing the praises of God our Savior.  Allow the LORD to overwhelm you with his love, to fill you with his peace and to inspire you to do great things for this Kingdom of love.  Oh that we may sing all year and spread Christmas cheer for all hear!


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